Why should you make a Corporate Introduction Videos? 4 things to avoid

In today's 4.0 era, information technology is developing rapidly, to be able to keep up with current trends, many business owners must always want to reach as many customers as possible and among them effectively. The most effective is business introduction film. Today in this article JustEvent will answer the question “Why should you make a business introduction film?” and review the benefits and importance of making business introduction films.

What is a business introduction film?

Business introduction film is a type of in types of advertising with the purpose of introducing and promoting the image of activities and products of a business or company to reach many customers, users or partners. This is the most effective way of communication to introduce your business and build a professional image in the eyes of customers and partners.

Business introduction films can be used for many different purposes such as showing at conferences, exhibitions, and events; Post on the business's website and social networks; broadcast on television channels and media. With its flexibility and diversity of uses, business introduction films have become an important tool in businesses' marketing strategies.

Types of business introduction films

Depending on the purpose and target audience, business introduction films can be divided into many different types, including:

1. General introduction film

This type of film helps introduce the whole picture of the business, from its history, fields of operations, core values, goals and vision. This type of film is often used to introduce businesses to customers, partners or investors. It helps build trust and positive evaluation of the business in their eyes.

Business introduction
Image introducing the service made by JustEvent

2. Product/service introduction film

Focused on showcasing your business's key products or services, this type helps highlight features, benefits, and differences from competitors. This is an important tool to attract customers' attention and create a beautiful and professional image of your business's products/services.

Image introducing Spa service
Image introducing Spa service made by JustEvent

3. Recruitment introduction film

This type of film shows the values, mission and vision of the business, as well as the working environment and employee compensation for potential candidates, promotion opportunities and corporate culture. This is an important tool in recruitment strategies and helps businesses attract talent.

The importance of making a business introduction film

With today's famous social networking sites, building a professional image of your product/business and posting it on social networking sites helps customers and partners easily access the messages that business owners want. Businesses want to convey words that motivate their actions.

As mentioned above, business introduction films are currently a powerful tool in marketing strategies. strategies. Demonstrating professionalism in the service process stages, or products being introduced in detail through videos helps build trust and professionalism in the eyes of customers and partners. This can increase traffic and conversions for your business

In addition, this is also a way to help businesses more easily recruit potential employees into the company.

Advice when making a business introduction film

To make a successful business introduction film, you need to keep in mind the following points:

  • Clearly identify the goal and audience the video is aimed at: This is one of the prerequisites for creating an effective introductory film, thereby stimulating action for customers / partners.
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  • Identify your strengths and differences compared to competitors.
  • Choose a professional filming team: Filming and editing will need to be done by a professional team to ensure product quality. Therefore, it is very important to understand that team carefully
  • Creativity and innovation: To create an impressive business introduction film for customers and partners, the video needs to be creative and innovative in the way the content is presented, highlighting The company's recognizable advantages/advantages compared to its competitors.


4 things to avoid when making a business introduction film

To avoid mistakes when making a business introduction film, keep in mind the following:

  • Not clearly defining the goals and target audience: This is one of the basic mistakes and also a mistake that many businesses make. Having the film's objective unclear and reaching the wrong audience can lead to ineffective filmmaking and not achieving the expected results.
  • Not choosing a professional team: Neglecting to choose a media team that lacks filmmaking experience can lead to poor quality products that cannot attract attention. opinions of customers and partners.
  • No clear plan and script: The lack of a specific plan and script can lead to filmmaking without clear goals and content.
  • Not being carefully prepared: This is a very important thing that businesses need to avoid, because even if we clearly define the goals and objects and find a Qualified filming team. However, we did not have time to prepare the things in the script, causing the quality of the film to be bad and patchy.



Business introduction films are an important tool in building images and enhancing marketing strategies for businesses. Through this article by JustEvent, we hope you have a better understanding of the concepts, types, benefits, tips and things to avoid when making business introduction films. We also ignore the important role of corporate introduction films in attracting talent to businesses. So, invest time and resources to create a quality and effective corporate introduction film for your business.

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