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JustEvent Product Photography

JustEvent Product Photography is using professional equipment to create video clips and images for the purpose of introducing information. information about the business's products to customers.

Product Introduction

Beautiful images can also help evoke emotions and create a positive impression of the product, making customers more likely to purchase.

Brand Promotion

Eye-catching images are the first factors that attract the attention of potential customers. When customers scroll through websites, social networks or advertisements, beautiful product images will make them stop and learn more..

Increase Sales

Helps increase sales on e-commerce channels, where customers often rely on images to evaluate products.


Increase Sales & Conversion Rates: High-quality product images are proven to have an impact directly increases click-through rates, time customers spend on product pages, and ultimately promotes purchasing ability..

Competitive Advantage: In a vibrant online business market, professional product photos are the way to go. Simple yet powerful so your products stand out from the low-quality images your competitors are using.


Projects Shooting JustEvent's latest product that JustEvent has made for companies and corporations recently.

[Video] Fingerprint lock DS1000

>Product videos

[Video] SBS6000 fingerprint lock

>Product videos

[Video] Fingerprint lock z50, z80

>Product videos

[Video] Bird's Nest Processing Process

>Product videos

[Video] Yen Nha Na: Journey of Origin

>Product videos

[Video] TAT high-class dormitory

>Product videos


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With more than 500+ customers choosing JustEvent

More than 1000+ projects have been implemented by JustEvent

JustEvent with more than 5+ experience in the filming and photography industry

JustEvent has worked with 20+ large and small domestic partners


Contact for consultation.consultation

JustEvent team is always ready to receive your requests and contact information, the consulting department will contact you immediately

  • HOTLINE0902806345
  • Zalo/Viber0902806345
  • Address: 625 Tan Ky Tan Quy, Binh Hung Hoa A Ward, Binh Tan District, HCMC
  • Working hours: Monday – Sunday from 8am – 9pm


    Frequently questions asked

    Our services include professional filming and photography for products, from ideation, scripting, shooting to post-production, to create Create attractive images and videos on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, websites and Facebook ads.

    Highlight elements like lighting, composition, photo editing, convey your unique product story, and optimize for specific platforms.

    JustEvent flexible and experienced in photography. photography videography, handling everything, from jewelry to furniture, tailor techniques for optimal results.

    We will discuss/consult you on product images in the form of background photos, slides, attractive short videos, lifestyle photos, format optimization, etc.

    We have tailored, customized service packages, priced according to products and factors that affect costs. JustEvent highlights the best value at the cheapest cost.

    JustEvent will provide high-quality images to promote perceived value, helping your customers impress at first sight, Even for common items. That helps you increase online sales.

    JustEvent has regulations regarding the customer receiving the original file, and the use of the original file. You need to communicate directly with the sales person.

    After agreeing on the detailed script and shooting list, JustEvent outlines the resources, shooting locations or models, if any.

    You need to contact JustEvent and notify the timeline and dea timedline desired. We will arrange a suitable production schedule.

    You need to present ideas about the product: introduction, strengths/weaknesses, target customer portrait, value you want to bring to customers. We will come up with a suitable concept (idea, script) for you.

    JustEvent has extensive experience in producing images / videos on platforms such as Lazada, TikTok, websites… We clearly understand the regulations of related platforms.

    The process includes: (1) Discussing and shaping ideas and scenarios. (2) Planning and organizing production. (3) Filming/photography, and (4) Post-production editing. (5) Acceptance. We always ensure this process runs smoothly and efficiently.

    JustEvent uses professional photo and video recording equipment and advanced post-production editing techniques to ensure the final images and videos are authentic. as realistic and vivid as possible.

    Completion time depends on the scale and complexity of the project. However, we always strive to complete the project quickly while still ensuring quality.

    JustEvent always wants the final product to satisfy customers. We are happy to receive and make reasonable edit requests after the project has been completed, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the final product.