Affordable professional Flycam shooting service #1 in HCMC

In the current era of technological development, encountering a video or image taken with a flycam is quite common in communication activities. This is one of the extremely effective ways of expressing and communicating, with unique and beautiful perspectives. That's whyFlycam filming service is currently sought after by many parties.

Therefore, it is absolutely possible for you to get beautiful, high quality photos & vivid footage. With JustEvent's Flycam filming and photography service, we guarantee to bring you a completely new and unique visual experience only available with Flycam.

What is Flycam?

For those of you who don't know, Flycam, also known as drone, is an unmanned aerial vehicle controlled remotely via a controller or mobile phone application. Drones are often equipped with high-quality cameras, allowing video and photography to be captured from angles that were previously only achievable using helicopters or helicopters.

Flycam applications are increasingly popular in many fields such as filming, photography, advertising, construction inspection, tourism, real estate, agriculture, events, weddings and many other fields. .

Types of Flycam cameras

Currently, on the market there are many different types of Flycam cameras, classified based on purpose of use, features and price. Below are some popular types of Flycams:

Flycam TypeIntended useFeatures
Professional FlycamFilm and television filming, mappingHigh-end, stable image and video quality, long flight time, many advanced features. High price.
Semi-professional FlycamAmateur photographer, filmmaker, businessGood image quality, long flight time, more affordable than professional Flycam.
Cheap FlycamBeginner, entertainmentLow price, easy handling, image quality and limited flight time.

When to use drone recording service

Normally, using drone recording service helps save time and money, because being able to spend the cost of owning a drone is not small for a business, a can invest. Therefore, choosing a crew to shoot with a flycam will be a better choice

There are many cases where you should use Flycam recording service to create impressive and unique movies. Here are some common cases:

1. Taking photos and filming wedding drones

For outdoor weddings, using flycam filming service not only brings a unique visual experience, it can also capture the entire scene of your wedding, bringing unique experiences. A unique moment for your wedding day.

Beach wedding photos taken with a flycam
Beach wedding photos taken with a flycam

2. Filming and taking flycam photos of events

Using a Flycam to take photos of events such as fairs, exhibitions, and concerts helps create photos and videos that provide an interesting and impressive perspective of that event from above. Clearly shows the scale, vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the event. Attract more people to participate next time.

take photos of events with a flycam
take pictures of events with a flycam

3. Landscape (travel) flycam photography

Flycam is currently widely used in tourism and teambuilding. With Flycam will help you capture beautiful natural scenes from a perspective that cannot be achieved with a conventional camera. In addition, with team building, using flycam services will bring new perspectives such as forming words with groups of people or easily taking full photos of all members, bringing a memorable experience.

capturing team building with a drone
capturing team building with a drone

4. Taking real estate drone photos

If you want to promote your real estate products vividly and professionally, Flycam will be the perfect choice. Use Flycam to take real estate photosp increases professionalism and attracts extremely high customers. In addition, you can use a flycam to have a clearer view of the project progress, making project monitoring easier and more general, providing a comprehensive and effective perspective.

shooting real estate projects with a flycam
shooting real estate projects with a flycam

5. Flycam Photography for Business / Company Advertising

Using images and videos taken from flycams to PR and promote your company / business will be one of the extremely effective ways. It helps viewers see the overview, the scale of your business / company, easily the reputation and impression in the eyes of customers and partners.

flycam 2
Business Photography Flycam


Advantages when filming and taking photos with Flycam

When using the Flycam recording service, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. General shooting angle, unique shooting angle: Flycam allows filming from angles that conventional cameras cannot achieve, creating unique and impressive movies and photos. statue. When using the flycam service, you will not have to worry about technical aspects or finding beautiful angles for filming and taking photos
  2. Cost savings: Compared to buying a flycam yourself to film from above, you also have to learn about beautiful flycam flying angles. Using the Flycam flight service will be a solution that will significantly save your costs and effort.
  3. High video quality: Flycam is now equipped with a high-quality camera, allowing 4K video recording and RAW photography, ensuring the final product has the best quality. Thereby increasing the experience of the movies and photos captured by the flycam

Notes that JustEvent always ensures when flying the Flycam

When using JustEvent's Flycam service, you will feel secure because we always comply with regulations and notes to ensure safety and legal compliance:

  • JustEvent always complies with regulations on no-fly space, does not fly into no-fly areas or is not allowed to fly.
  • JustEvent Carefully checks the status of the Flycam before each use to ensure stable operation.
  • JustEvent Comply with privacy and copyright regulations when filming or taking photos with Flycam.

Professional Flycam recording service at JustEvent

Flycam shooting service not only brings unique and impressive perspectives but also helps create high-quality products in the fields of advertising, media, tourism, and real estate. production and many other fields. Choose JustEvent – a reputable and quality address for your Flycam recording service!

If you are looking for professional Flycam filming service, reputable and cheap in Ho Chi Minh, JustEvent is your top choice. With a team of experienced staff and the most modern equipment. We are committed to bringing you high quality products that meet all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What altitude can the Flycam operate at?
  • Normally, Flycam can operate at a maximum height of about 120m, but can be adjusted depending on local legal regulations.
  1. How much does it cost to fly a Flycam at JustEvent?
  • Depending on each project, scale, duration and specific requirements, JustEvent will develop a detailed quote with a methodical implementation plan. You can contact us directly via hotline or email for detailed advice and quotes.
  1. Can Flycam be used for livestream?
  • Of course, our flycam uses the most modern equipment, and comes with a livestream feature using a flycam, so . This is an effective way for events that need to be broadcast live. For more detailed information, you can contact JustEvent directly for more detailed advice.
  1. How long is the product acceptance time?
  • The time to complete a product at JustEvent usually ranges from 3 – 7 days on average (depending on the requirements and complexity of the product).