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Flycam Filming and Photography by JustEvent

This is one of the most effective ways to express and convey, with unique and beautiful perspectives. Therefore, Flycam filming and photography services are currently widely used for the following purposes:

Real Estate

Elevate your real estate project, subdivision with unique, comprehensive views, creating a strong impression on potential customers.


Capture the vibrant atmosphere of festivals and major events from an aerial view.

Wedding DayMark the memorable moments of your wedding day with Flycam footage, offering impressive high-angle views.

Corporate Introduction

Introduce your facilities, factories, and processes, building a professional, large-scale image with partners and customers.


In the digital era, brand imagery plays an increasingly important role. Each corporate event is an opportunity to promote the image, increase brand recognition, and build trust with customers.
Understanding this, JustEvent was founded with the desire to become a reliable partner, specializing in providing professional film and photography services for corporate events.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Flycam Filming

We focus on superior image quality using modern flycam equipment along with professional processing techniques. Additionally, JustEvent has a professional team, ensuring impressive photos and videos.

  • Online Marketing: High-quality films and photos are highlights for your website and digital marketing channels.
  • Social Media: Impressive content from flycam shots attracts viewers on social media platforms.
  • Events: Capture important moments of corporate events with a unique aerial view.

We are flexible in traveling and ready to access various locations (with necessary permits) to carry out your project. Except in restricted flight areas, JustEvent will strive to meet your needs.

Costs depend on project size, duration, technical requirements, and other factors. We provide a transparent pricing table with various service packages to fit your budget.

JustEvent always prioritizes safety. Our team is well-trained, adhering to safe flying principles. Flycam equipment is regularly checked and maintained. We obtain full permission from the authorities for the project area.

Depending on the event size and post-production requirements. JustEvent clearly communicates progress and delivers on time, enabling proactive communication efforts.

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