JustEvent was founded in 2018, focusing on the field of filming and photography. To date, we have 5 years of in-depth experience in the industry, having grown significantly with a studio in Ho Chi Minh City and a team of skilled personnel. Additionally, we have completed over 500+ projects, both big and small.

We always place the desires and satisfaction of our clients first. Confident as a professional entity producing high-quality products in the shortest time for our partners, thereby potentially enhancing our own credibility and promoting the development of JustEvent in the market.

With more than 5+ years of experience in shooting and photographing for many large and small projects. The staff of JustEvent are all highly trained professionals, along with creative techniques and always improving new knowledge to keep up with modern trends.

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Justevent's mission

With the mission to deliver high-quality products that benefit the partners and clients of JustEvent.

JustEvent believes that we not only help our clients and partners effectively communicate their messages, but also contribute to the spread of positive values and promote development in society.

JustEvent's vision

We always aspire to become one of the best image & video production entities in Ho Chi Minh City, working with many leading reputable business partners.

In order to deliver high-quality products to our customers and partners, JustEvent further enriches our knowledge of the latest trends and techniques, coupled with promoting relentless development. From there, creating a professional, reputable brand that reaches many customers and large domestic businesses.


  • Dedication: We value commitment. commitment Throughout our work process, always listening to and meeting the needs of our customers, providing optimal and flexible solutions, supporting clients in all circumstances.
  • Quality: We prioritize ensuring the quality of our products, services, and processes. This enhances ours reliability in the eyes of our clients and partners.
  • Innovation: We continuously learn, innovate, and apply the latest technologies in the fields of filming and photography. This contributes to the quality of products we deliver to our clients and partners.
  • Creativity: We aim to create unique and engaging products that detail and demonstrate the professionalism of our clients' and partners' products and services through media.
  • Responsibility: We are always responsible to our clients and partners in every aspect of our work and products. We adhere to the agreed principles in contracts and provide reasonable solutions when adverse situations arise.


  • 100% transparent and clear information between both parties. Adhering to agreed working principles.
  • Detailed, accurate quotes, and no additional fees will be charged during the service provision.
  • Deliver all products and services on time, in the correct quantity, and quality as requested.
  • Efforts to meet the rights and legitimate requirements of customers in adverse circumstances.

Elevate Your Brand with Professional Filming and Photography Services


JustEvent 's customers


A compilation of projects that the JustEvent team has successfully delivered to clients.

Frequently asked questions

Corporate Filming and Photography Services

JustEvent helps businesses create professional images and videos, introduce the culture, core values, and products/services of the business in a deep and engaging manner.

Professional photography. photography and videography services from JustEvent help enhance brand image, attract customers and partners through sharp and professional visuals. High-quality images and videos not only showcase the beauty of the products and services but also help convey the business's story and core values vividly and impressively.

New trends include the use of drone filming for unique aerial perspectives, and the application of post-production techniques (color grading) and special effects (after effects) to highlight the content. Vietnamese businesses are increasingly favoring these trends to create unique photographic and filming products.

Professional images and videos help businesses build trust and enhance brand recognition (branding). Using high-quality visual content in marketing and advertising campaigns attracts the attention of target customers (customers), thus improving marketing effectiveness and increasing sales.

Event Photography and Videography

The sooner the better! This allows JustEvent to grasp the information, optimize the filming/photography script, and ensure that key moments of the event are captured.

Definitely! The JustEvent team will be aware of the crucial moments to focus on, as well as proactively guests and discreetly work to honor special.

It depends on the scale of the event and post-production requirements. JustEvent always communicates clearly about progress, delivering on time, helping businesses manage their media activities.

We can help! Beautiful images and quality press releases are the perfect combination to help businesses spread event information widely.

Contact Us for Consulting

JustEvent team is always ready to receive your requests and contact information, our consulting department will contact you immediately

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