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JustEvent Corporate Photography Videography

Photography and filming to introduce the business Use images and videos to introduce the business, its products and services to customers. with potential customers, revenue boosting

Capture Business Profile

High quality images suitable for online profiles, CVs, social media, and personal/business branding activities. Investing in your image is investing in your success!

Record Business Introduction

Images and videos introduce the business are carefully invested to help build a trusted, classy image for the business.

Business Photography

JustEvent captures moments of solidarity, conveying the team spirit and professionalism of your team.


Projects filming The latest corporate film that JustEvent has made for companies and corporations recently.

[Video] Introducing Hong An

Business introduction video

[Video] Moc Huong Spa

>Video recording business introduction

[Video] Introducing seazen

Business introduction video

Corporate Profile Photography

Enhance Brand, Increase Reputation

JustEvent Business Profile Photography: Not just an image, but the story of your business.

Do you believe that a portrait photo of leaders and employees can fully express the spirit and values of an entire business? We believe! Unlike regular photos, the professional JustEvent Corporate Profile Photography service helps you convey your message in a subtle yet powerful way:

  • Not only “take beautiful pictures” but also take them “right”: We understand your vision and the style of your business to create photos that are not only highly aesthetic but also show your own identity, unique values, unique to your business.

  • The team is the face of the brand: The image of professional, confident leaders and employees is how you create a good impression and strengthen trust in customers and partners. work. work.

  • Invest today, reap long-term benefits: A well-thought-out, impressive corporate profile is a valuable communication asset for long-term use on many platforms.


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With more than 500+ customers choosing JustEvent

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JustEvent with more than 5+ experience in the filming and photography industry

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Frequently questions asked when taking business photos

We focus on highlighting the core strengths of your business. We will work with you to build a creative script to tell the most compelling brand story.

Each project is priced individually, based on job scope, technical requirements, etc. Please contact us to discuss details and receive a suitable quote.

Sure! We have experience filming for many large and small businesses, understand how to portray a professional, classy image through special angles, lighting, and techniques..

Our creative team is ready to come up with ideas and themes that suit the spirit of your business. We always listen and advise on the best way to present..

JustEvent will send a detailed check-list. Factors that need to be guaranteed include: arranging participating personnel (if any), preparing locations, sample products, and permits (if shooting special outdoor scenes).

Completion time varies depending on the complexity of the project. We will notify the specific deadline when receiving the project and always commit to staying on schedule. Company introduction videos require 2-3 weeks for pre-production and production. JustEvent always updates progress for customers.

Yes, we use modern equipment, including flycams/drones to capture impressive panoramic footage.

Sure! We can coordinate with professional dubbing units or perform it internally according to your needs.

Of course! We can edit videos into short formats, create suitable sized images for Facebook, Instagram, websites, etc.

We commit to support small edits within 1 month, completely free of charges. JustEvent always accompanies businesses, ensuring satisfaction not only during but after project completion.

JustEvent does not work with templates. We seek to honor the UNIQUE features of your business. It could be a brand story, a different product, or a talented staff.

Costs are always proportional to the goals. JustEvent will advise on the most suitable package, optimally effective for your budget. Many creative solutions help convey an impression without being expensive.

JustEvent constantly updates new technology: modern cameras (Sony A7S3, Sony FX3, top lenses…), flycams (DJI Mavic 3 Pro.. .), specialized lighting system (Nanlite FS300B)… to provide outstanding image and video quality.

JustEvent provides detailed reports on views, interactions, brand awareness… helping businesses evaluate effectiveness and adjust strategies accordingly.< /p>

Contact directly via hotline (+84902806345), website or email of JustEvent. Our team of consultants is always ready to support and answer all your questions..

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