TVC videos: Extremely effective marketing strategy

Building an effective marketing strategy is extremely important for businesses. Implementing the strategy will enable businesses to reach potential customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Among them advertising TVC movies still is one of the most effective methods to convey the message that a business wants to send to a large audience.

In the current age of technology 4.0, with many people having access to social networks and media, a business that does not have an advertising clip about its products/services will be a big disadvantage. compared to competitors. So if you don't proactively make TVC promotional videos now, when will you wait? But you still don't know anything about TVC movies.

In this article, I will answer your questions about this type of advertising, as well as give notes to avoid so you can confidently produce your own TVC advertising videos strong> quality, attracting millions of customers.

What is a TVC commercial?

production of TVC for product advertising
Process filming tvc commercials

TVC advertising film (Television Commercial) is a form of advertising broadcast on television, with a typical duration of 15 to 60 seconds. TVC often uses images, sounds and attractive, easy-to-understand content to convey messages and internal features of products, services or brands to viewers.

This is one of the popular forms of television advertising and is widely used by businesses to promote products, services or increase brand awareness in the market.

Why should you choose to film a service/product advertisement?

There are 3 reasons why businesses should choose to film TVC commercials, including:

  1. Easy to reach millions of viewers: Social networks are a mass media, with a large audience. TVC businesses allows to reach a large group of potential customers, helping to increase opportunities to reach and attract new customers.
  1. Increase brand awareness: An attractive TVC clip can help businesses easily build brand awareness and create a lasting impression in the minds of viewers. This helps increase brand recall and create trust from customers.
  1. Drive action: TVC can motivate viewers to take action, such as visiting a website, calling, or purchasing a product/service. This helps increase sales and contributes to the success of the marketing strategy.
advertising bird's nest products
Product advertising images

5 benefits of filming commercials introducing products/services

Filming TVC commercials not only brings benefits in terms of reaching customers and increasing brand awareness, but also has many other benefits for businesses. Here are 5 main benefits of filming product introduction videos< /strong> that you may not know:

1. Brand promotion

A quality TVC movie clip can help your business easily promote its brand effectively in the shortest time. By using beautiful images, attractive sounds and suitable actors, followed by an easy-to-understand message, TVC clips can help viewers visualize the highlights of the brand and product. Products. This helps increase brand recall and create trust from customers.

2. Increase sales

An attractive TVC clip can quickly motivate viewers to take action thanks to stimulating words that create viewer curiosity, leading viewers to your website to learn more product information. / service, call for consultation or buy your product/service. This helps you boost sales and contribute to the success of your business's marketing strategy.

3. Introducing new products

TVC commercial filming is an effective way to introduce a business's new products to many new customers. By using creative scripts and beautiful images, TVC films can help customers visualize and better understand your products/services and create curiosity, attract potential customers.

4. Attract potential customers

TVC films can help businesses attract potential customers by showing them short films that meet the needs of viewers right at that moment, so they can easily see the highlights of the products/services that the business offers. industry wants to convey. This helps create attention and create opportunities to reach new customers, turning them from viewers into real customers.

5. Increase brand awareness

A successful TVC clip can help businesses increase brand awareness and create a lasting impression and convey outstanding information about their products/services in the minds of viewers. This helps increase brand recall and create trust from customers.

Tips for choosing an advertising filming crew: Factors to consider

Choosing a reputable and professional advertising filming company is very important to ensure the quality of the final product. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a commercial filming company:

behind the scenes of filming commercials
behind the scenes of filming commercials

1. Experience and brand

Before choosing an advertising filming unit, you should learn more about the brand and the experience of that team. Check out the team's previous projects and product quality reviews that others have left. You can also search for information about the company on forums or service review websites to get an overview of that company.

2. Staff and equipment

A professional advertising filming unit needs a team of experienced and talented staff, along with modern equipment to carry out projects. Find out about the company's staff and equipment to ensure that they have the capacity to carry out your project.

3. Prices and services included

When choosing an advertising filming unit, you need to consider the price and accompanying services that that unit provides. Ask for a detailed quote and compare with other teams to make the right decision. You should also learn about included services such as editing, sound, 3D animation, etc. to ensure that the unit has all the necessary services for your project.

Advertising filming process: From idea to finished product

To make a quality TVC clip, the advertising filming team needs to have a methodical and professional process. Below are the basic steps in the advertising filming process for you to easily visualize:

advertising photography
Advertising filmmaking process

Step 1: Come up with ideas

The first step in the commercial filming process is coming up with an idea. The creative team of the filming unit will work with the business to come up with ideas based on information about the product, brand and goals the business wants to achieve.

Step 2: Write the script

After having the idea, the team or the business will write the script for the TVC. The script will be reviewed and adjusted until approval is achieved from the business owner.

Step 3: Choose actors and filming locations

To make a TVC commercial, the filming team needs to choose the right actors and a filming location that matches the script. This helps viewers easily visualize the content the business wants to convey, thereby attracting customers.

Step 4: Proceed with filming

After full preparation, the filming unit will proceed with filming the TVC. The filming team will use modern equipment and professional techniques to create beautiful and impressive scenes.

Step 5: Post-production editing and perfecting the product

After filming, the editing team will select the best footage and edit to create a finished product. Elements such as sound and special effects will also be added to increase the professionalism and appeal of the TVC clip.

Step 6: Deliver products to customers

Once completed, the filming unit will hand over the product to the business and make adjustments if necessary. After that, the TVC film will be widely distributed through media channels to introduce products and brands to customers.

Mistakes to avoid when making TVC commercials

During the filming of TVC commercials, there are some common mistakes that businesses need to avoid to ensure the quality of the final product:

  • Not giving clear ideas: Not having a clear idea will lead to a TVC that lacks creativity and does not attract customers.
  • Not choosing the right actors: Dry actors that are consistent with the product and brand will reduce the professionalism of the TVC.
  • Not investing in the script: A script that is too simple or not carefully considered will make the TVC boring and unimpressive.
  • No marketing strategy: TVC is only a part of the overall marketing strategy, so it needs to be linked with other activities to achieve greater efficiency.


Filming TVC commercials is an effective tool to introduce products and brands to customers. Choosing a reputable advertising filming unit and following professional procedures is very important to ensure the quality of the final product. However, businesses also need to avoid common mistakes to achieve the highest efficiency from TVC. Hopefully this article has helped you better understand the TVC advertising filming process and its importance in a business's marketing strategy.

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