Why should you take Event photos videos? Estimate costs

In the age of digital technology, preserving memorable moments of events is easier than ever. Event filming and photography is no longer a distant thing It has become a way to help us capture the most complete moments, bringing many outstanding benefits.

What is event photography and videography?

Event filming and photography is the process of recording images, sounds and movements of an event through specialized cameras and camcorders. These events can include conferences, opening ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, press conferences, and more.

event photography
What is event photography and videography?

Why should you use event photography and videography services?

There are many reasons why you should use event photography and videography services, including:

  1. Save memorable moments: Events will pass in the blink of an eye, but videos and photos will help you keep those memorable moments forever.
  2. Share event stories: Event videos and photos let you share your event stories with footsteps and those who couldn't attend.
  3. Increase brand awareness: If the event is organized by a company or organization, event videos and photos can be used to increase brand awareness and marketing. reach more audiences.
  4. Build relationships: Events are great opportunities to build relationships with customers, partners and other stakeholders. Filming and taking photos helps capture bonding moments and build trust.
event photography
opening event photography

The latest trends in event photography and videography

In the current digital age, the trend of event filming and photography is growing stronger and stronger. Professional event photography and videography services not only bring beautiful photos and quality videos but also bring a great experience to customers.

Using flycam (drone) during filming outdoor events

One of the current hot trends in event filming is using flycams, also known as drones. Flycams allow filming from high angles, creating unique, impressive scenes from space that could previously only be seen in movies. Using a drone will bring novelty and uniqueness to your event video.

Types of event filming and photography

Here are some popular types of event photography today:

  • Wedding photography: Preserve the happiest moments of your big day with beautiful, romantic and emotional angles.
  • Capturing conferences and seminars: Record professional content, clear images and vivid sound to convey messages effectively.
  • Filming the opening party: Create a strong impression with footage and photos of brand and new product launch events.
  • Photographing the year-end party: Preserve the memories of a year of work full of effort and teamwork.
  • Celebration photography: Capture memorable moments during important anniversaries such as birthdays, company foundings, etc.
  • Product launch photography: Introduce new products to customers in a visual, vivid and attractive way.
  • Record Livestream events: Share live events with people anywhere in the world, helping increase coverage and attract interest.
Types of event filming and photography

Costs for filming and taking photos of events at JustEvent

Event filming and photography can vary in cost, depending on many factors such as the type of event, duration, location, number of personnel needed, and technology used. Below is a reference table of average costs for event filming and photography services:

NoServices JustEventPrice List
1Professional Event PhotographyFrom 1,500K only
2Professional event filmingFrom 2,500K only
3Party/birthday photographyFrom 1,500K only
4Party/birthday party filmingFrom 2,500K only

What to keep in mind when hiring event filming and photography services?

When you decide to hire an event video or photography service, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you receive the quality product you expect:

  1. Choose an experienced studio: Choose a unit with experience in the field of filming and event photography to ensure product quality.
  2. View portfolio: Request to see the unit's previous work to evaluate ability and working style.
  3. Discuss ideas: Before starting, discuss specifically with the unit your ideas, goals and desires for event videos and images.


Filming and event photography not only helps preserve memorable moments but also brings many other outstanding benefits. Using professional event photography and video services will help you have quality, creative products that meet the goals of the event.

Invest in filming and taking photos of events to create beautiful memories and preserve memorable moments in your life. Should I use event photography and filming services?

If you are looking for a professional team to film and take photos of your event, consider coming to JustEvent with us. JustEvent is a professional team, possessing a highly skilled team in filming and photography, along with the most modern equipment to ensure the best experience for you. For more details, please contactJustEvent for a free consultation.