Don't Skip the Checklist of 10 Best Team Building Games

Theconstruction & Maintaining a stable staffis an important factor for any corporate company. Therefore, organizing team building activities plays an important role in building cohesion, team spirits and improvement work productivity of employees. members in a collective.

This article will introduce to readers a checklist of 10 most attractive, simple and best team building games. Promises to bring fun moments and many valuable lessons, contributing to fostering corporate culture, promoting teamwork and achieving common goals.

1.Determine Specific Team Building Goals

1.1 What is Team Building?

Team building is a collective activity,aimed at building cohesion, trust and improving group performance. The games are designed to challenge different aspects of teamwork, from communication and problem solving to decision making and conflict management.

1.2 Why Should You Organize Team Building?

Team building activities bring many benefits to participating organizations and individuals, including:

  • Improve cohesion and team spirits
  • Improve communication and soft skills
  • Increase creativity and problem solving
  • Developing leaders and creating work-life balance

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2. Checklist of 10 Team Building Games Worth Trying

2.1 Fun Outdoor Team Building Games

2.1.1 Punching, Squeezing, Rubbing

massage game
team buildung game “massage and massage”

Description: The MC or game manager gathers the team into a vertical line or circle. When the music starts playing, the MC will give the command “back punch” and the person behind will punch the back of the person in front. The same goes for the commands “rub your back, squeeze your shoulders, hug your waist…” Then everyone will turn around and do the opposite for the other person..

Purpose: This is a light warm-up game, moving muscles and creating refreshing, natural laughter with other members.

Number of players: unlimited.

Necessary items: no tools, combined with vibrant music.

2.1.2 Relay Bag Jumping

play sack
Team building game “jumping sack relay”

Description: Divide into 4 teams, each team has 5-7 members, lined up in a vertical line. The members put their feet in the sack and stood at the starting line. When there is a signal from the game leader, the player tries to jump forward as quickly as possible until they reach the destination. The team whose all members reach the finish line first will win.

Purpose: This is a physical team building game that is very familiar and associated with childhood, simple but very fun. The game helps train members' physical strength, endurance and solidarity.

Number of players: Unlimited.

Necessary items: Large burlap sack.

2.1.3 Group Painting

group painting
Team building game “group painting”


Description: Divide into small groups, each group will be provided with a set of drawing tools (paper, crayons, pencils…). Then, the group will be assigned a specific topic (for example: natural landscape, a historical event…) and given a certain time to complete the collective picture. The group that is the most creative and expresses the topic in the most unique way will win.

Purpose: Promote creativity, group thinking, and smooth coordination in accomplishing a common goal.

Number of players: Suitable for groups of 5-10 people.

Materials needed: Paper, crayons, pencils.

2.1.4 Piggy Bank Blindfolded

blindfolded piggy bank game
team building game “blindfolded piggy bank smashing game”

Description: Divide into small groups, each group will be provided with a blindfold, a stick, and a decorated and hung piggy bank. The first player will be blindfolded and use a stick to try to break the piggy bank. Team members can guide players by using hand signals voice. The group that breaks the piggy bank first will win.

Purpose: Train concentration, listening ability, and teamwork while supporting each other.

Number of players: Suitable for groups of 5-10 people.

Necessary items: Blindfold, stick, piggy bank.

2.1.5 Transmission

Team building games
Team building games “passing people on”

Description: Teams sit down in a vertical row at the previously assigned position. Each team chooses 5 members to stand first in line. The task of each team is that, when given a signal from the MC, the sitting members will use their hands to transport the selected person one by one from the beginning of the row to the end of the row as quickly as possible. The team that transports the last person first will win.

Purpose: This demonstrates the spirit of team cohesion and responsibility for the common goal of the team.

Number of players: unlimited, divided into many different teams.

Necessary items: Not needed.

2.2 Team Building Game at Sea

2.2.1 Team Wheel

team wheel
Team building game “team wheel”

Description: Divide into small groups, each group has about 5-7 people. Group members hold hands to form a large circle, sit down and try to roll forward like a wheel. The team that rolls to the finish line the fastest without breaking the circle wins.

Purpose: The game emphasizes the role of the leader, the smooth coordination between team members and the trust of employees in the manager..

Number of players: divided into 5 teams, each team has 7 – 10 people.

Necessary items: Large and long tarp

2.2.2 Land Boat Racing

Description: Each team sits alternating between men and women in a vertical row, with the next person resting their feet on the front person, forming a rope shape. When the leader calls “start”, the members try to use their buttocks and hands to move as quickly as possible without being separated from the line. The winning team is the team that reached the finish line first and does not violate the rules of the game.

Purpose: Train the ability to coordinate smoothly, maintain uniformity while moving, and create cohesion between team members.

Number of players: from 7 to 10 people per team and unlimited number of participating teams..

Necessary items: Not necessary

2.2.3 Jumping With The Captain

jump after the captain game
Team building game “jump after the captain”

Description: One person is chosen to be the “captain”, standing in front and giving hand signals, symbolizing the directions (forward, backward, left, right, turn around…). The other members line up in a vertical line, imitating the “captain's” movements. Anyone who imitates the wrong movements will be eliminated. The game continues until a final winner is found.

Purpose: Train concentration, quick reflexes, and good coordination between members and the leader.

Number of players: Can play with an unlimited number of people.

Necessary items: Not needed.

2.2.4 Bringing the Ball Over Obstacles to the Finish Line

Description: Prepare a large ball and divide into two teams. Two teams each consist of 13 people, 6 people on each side and 1 person sitting on a column-shaped float holding the ball. Team members will pick up the person holding the ball and start running to the basket to place the ball. The team that gets the ball to the finish line first will win.

Purpose: Promote coordination, dexterity, ability to handle situations, and team spirit.

Number of players: Suitable for groups of 10-20 people.

Items needed: Ball

2.2.5 Unanimously slapping the East Sea

Description: The first member will sit close to the edge of the sea, the foam box will be placed behind the last person sitting. When the MC gives the command, the first person will use a glass to scoop up sea water and then put it on his head to pour the water from his own glass to the glass of the person sitting behind. Just like that until the last member will put his hands on his head and pour water into the foam box behind him. After the specified time, the team with more water in the bucket will win.

Purpose: Train team spirit, increase chemistry, and smooth coordination among members.

Number of players: divided into several teams, each team has 8 – 10 people.

Necessary items: 1 Styrofoam water container for each team and 1 plastic cup for each member.

3. Notes When Organizing Team Building

What is teambuilding
Notes when organizing team building

3.1 Choosing a Suitable Location (Indoor, Outdoor..)

Choosing the right location will affect the team building experience. If organizing outdoors, you need to consider the weather and provide enough personal protective equipment. Inside the house, you need to check the sound, lighting and space to ensure all activities run smoothly.

3.2 Careful Logistical Preparation

Careful preparation before a team building event helps ensure that all activities go smoothly. You need to check the technique, sound equipment, lights and ensure safety for everyone involved.

3.3 Ensuring the Safety of Participants

Safety is always top priority in any team building activity. You need to thoroughly check the environment, provide safety instructions, and provide necessary protective equipment for everyone involved.

3.4 Building an Attractive and Engaging Program Script

The program plan needs to be built to align with team building goals and bring a positive experience for everyone. Combining games, challenges and group activities will help create excitement and a competitive spirit within the team.


Through the list of 10 best team building games above, we hope you have gained more experience and knowledge to organize a spectacular and effective team building event. These games not only bring fun to members but also help strengthen team spirits, improve work performance and build positive relationships within the organization. Try applying and improving your working environment today!

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