5 popular types of corporate films today that you don't know

In today's fiercely competitive business world, reaching potential customers effectively is extremely important. Corporate films are a powerful tool to help businesses achieve this goal. This article will introduce the 5 most popular types of corporate films today, helping you better understand the role and effectiveness of each type.

Company introduction
Build trust with professional business introduction images

Type of corporate film

Corporate film is a type of short film produced to introduce, promote or brand a business. Types of corporate films are often diverse in content, style and purpose, serving the different needs of each business.

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5 types of corporate films that are trending in 2024

1. Business introduction film

This type of film is often used to introduce a general overview of the business, including basic information such as: founding history, mission, vision, main products/services and competitive strengths. The purpose of a business introduction film is to help potential customers get an overview of the business, thereby creating an impression and stimulating the need to learn more.

  • Important factors:
    • Introduction to business fields, core products/services.
    • Presenting distinct values and advantages compared to competitors.
    • Emotionally connect with viewers through compelling stories.
  • Benefits:
    • Increase corporate brand recognition.
    • Attract new potential customers.
    • Build trust and confidence with customers.

2. Anniversary movie

Anniversary films are often produced to commemorate important business events, such as establishment anniversaries, new product launches or outstanding achievements. The purpose of the anniversary film is to record the development journey of the business, convey core values and honor the contributions of the employees.

  • Important factors:
    • Choose typical moments, events and characters that show the development process of your business.
    • Use engaging images, music and commentary to create feelings of nostalgia and pride.
    • Emphasize outstanding achievements and valuable lessons learned.
  • Benefits:
    • Create motivation and engagement for employees.
    • Building reputation and corporate brand.
    • Connect with customers and partners through stories about the development journey.

Movie Brand Story

Brand Story movies focus on telling the brand's story, conveying the core values, mission and vision of the business. The purpose of the Brand Story film is to help customers gain a deeper understanding of brand identity, create emotional attachment and promote loyalty.

brand story movie
Tell your brand story with the Brand Story movie
  • Important factors:
    • Determine the core values and purpose of the brand.
    • Create an engaging, relevant story that resonates with the audience.
    • Use images, music and artistic commentary to enhance the storytelling effect.
  • Benefits:
    • Increase brand awareness.
    • Create a deep connection with customers.
    • Build credibility and trust.

Company introduction film

company introduction film company introduction film creates credibility about the company's capabilities[/caption ]

The company introduction film focuses on introducing the production and business capabilities of the enterprise, presenting operational processes, technology and facilities. The purpose of a company introduction film is to create confidence in actual capabilities, thereby attract customers, partners and investors.

  • Important factors:
    • Introduce products/services, production processes and capabilities of the business.
    • Presentation of advanced technologies and facilities.
    • Provide evidence of actual capabilities, such as certificates and achievements.
  • Benefits:
    • Increase the trust of customers and partners.
    • Attract potential investors.
    • Create competitive advantage through demonstrating superior capabilities.

Factory introduction film

The factory introduction film focuses on providing insight into the factory's production process and facilities. The purpose of the factory introduction film is to raise awareness about product quality, safe production processes and sustainability in the enterprise's production activities.

  • Important factors:
    • Introducing the entire production process from start to finish.
    • Present quality standards, control procedures and safety assurance.
    • Emphasize initiatives on sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility.
  • Benefits:
    • Increase customer confidence in product quality.
    • Drive customer loyalty through transparency and accountability.
    • Create competitive advantage in the manufacturing market.

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Corporate film is an effective marketing tool that helps businesses convey their message in an attractive and understandable way. By identifying the right type of film that fits a specific goal, businesses can leverage the power of video to increase sales, build a brand and attract customers.